Who We Are

We are a company with business units that cover a nationwide scope in providing diverse mobile solutions to different markets that add value to our partners and principals.  From humble beginnings in a small, rented one-room office in 1996, ComWorks has grown to be an industry leader with its own headquarters, the seven-floor building CWI Corporate Center in Quezon City.

According to 2018 Business World top 1000 Corporations in the Philippines, we are ranked, number 505. ComWorks has consistently been part of the Top 1000 companies in revenue and is one of the country’s largest wholesaler of telecommunications services and mobile network equipment. These results have been rooted in our drive to always be the preferred and dependable partner of our principals, both from the Philippines and abroad.

Our Companies

NPC Seal of Registration

Comworks_NPC Seal of Registration

CWI Corporate Center, 1050 Quezon Ave, Quezon City 1103, Philippines
(02) 8-441-2190


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