Who We Are

We are a company with business units cover a nationwide scope in providing diverse mobile solutions to different markets that add value to our partners and principals. From humble beginnings in a small, rented one-room office in 1996, ComWorks has grown to be an industry leader with its own headquarters, the seven-floor building CWI Corporate Center in Quezon City.

According to 2015 Philippines Business Profile Top 15000, we are ranked, number 279. ComWorks has consistently been part of the Top 300 companies in revenue and is one of the country’s largest wholesaler of telecommunications services and mobile network equipment. These results have been rooted in our drive to always be the preferred and dependable partner of our principals, both from the Philippines and abroad.

What Keep Us Going

ComWorks is never limited to its existing offerings, and is always ready to further develop and pivot as needed to address realities of the industry and market being served. What does not change is our unending entrepreneurial spirit – continuously seeking profitable projects and businesses. Importantly, as guideline, ComWorks always look to add greater value to its partners and principals. We continue this by assisting whenever approached and more so, by being proactive in designing programs and offerings beneficial to all those involved. We take pride in having a passion for excellence and always looking for better ways to do things and raise the bar in our achievements.


To increase shareholder value in a manner that upholds to the moral and ethical standards that the company owners and founders stand for.


Consistently contribute directly to national government. Nurture relationships with investors, trade partners, customers and employees. Produce positive and sustainable financial results.


Treat others with honesty, integrity and empathy. Being conscientious in what we do by being committed, hardworking, accountable and reliable. Having a passion for excellence – always looking for better ways to do things and achieve results.

Our Companies

Focuses on telco services and consumer devices distribution.

Offers software development solutions.

Provides industrial-grade network solutions and security.


Smart Sales and Distribution
Business Solution

Neo-Tech Asia Distribution

Market Research Knowledge
Technology (MARKET)

Comworks Regional
Investment – Myanmar

Comworks – Corporate Sales

Comworks Retail


Huawei Best Growth Partner April, 2017
Samsung Galaxy Awards Night 2017 October, 2017

Huawei Royal Club October, 2017

CWI Corporate Center, 1050 Quezon Ave, Quezon City 1103, Philippines
(02) 441-2190

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